How does twin-pack
purchasing work?

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One package will go to your address and the other, just as originally wrapped, will go to the children.

Example of how a twin-pack purchase works

Twin-pack flexibly adapts both demand and supply in different parts of the world. If you order a hat for sun protection, we will also deliver the same necessary goods to a child in equatorial Africa. But if you order a designer handbag, we donate a percentage of the price to purchase the necessary medical or material aid. In both cases, you become the sender of the second help-pack.

Stay in touch
with children on the other side

Have you purchased the goods? Congratulations, you have just become a donor. In an asylum camp somewhere in the other side of the world, there is a small but brave being, to whom we will assign a second package as needed. We will send you information about who it is as well as the delivery of your package.

Once the parcel is in place, you can make contact with the child. The supervising staff will send you photos or a video of the parcel being collected. You can find more letters and messages from children in the Children's Mail section.

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for joint purchasing

You can also contribute directly - any amount to the material aid account. The funds accumulated in this way are mainly used for the purchase of medical supplies and teaching aids.

Contribute financially

We use the funds to buy supplies for children


We provide functional clothing for survival in the mountains such as hiking or sports clothing.

School supplies

Helping to renew basic education for children in war zones.

Instant meals

Provision of food itself, basic raw materials to help children survive in war zones.

Everything that can help

We strive to make sure that the children learn in the shortest possible time to be able to reintegrate into normal life in the shortest possible time.


people helped in the BlueAvian program


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EUR collected on account of material aid

Why support BlueAvian



We are helping to rebuild the logistical infrastructure to provide basic food, shelter and education for children in war-affected areas.

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and efficiency

We build ingenious shopping gates through which goods essential for the life and safety of children in asylum camps pass.

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of purchasing and logistics

The purchase itself is just the beginning. Much more complex is managing the logistics of shipping materials to very hard-to-reach zones around the world.

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and unified goals

In today's polarized world, we are united by a noble goal. To enable suffering children to integrate into normal life in the shortest possible time.

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