symbolWhy Blue Avian
was created?

Because our world is full of places where people's lives are cut short by bombs, projectiles and machetes. Every day, entire streets, houses, bridges are destroyed. Somewhere among these ruins of buildings, children still live and survive. Only the lucky ones have at least one parent with them. Although they are incredibly strong beings inside, they need our help.

Each of us is responsible in our own way for the state of our planet. When it is no longer in our power to end ongoing wars, we have joined forces to create a new aid system. For ruined cities and destinies.

"If we save even one life, our project is worthwhile"


Martin Gehri

Founder of the Blue Avian programme


Turning procurement momentum into an effective aid system

This was not a one-off help to us. Our goal was to create a gateway,
which would keep well-targeted aid flowing to the most acute places at all times.

We have found a way that our purchasing power can contribute to the renewal of new
territories where so much is missing. We needed partners with a broad portfolio and an equally broad heart.

Our Partners



A quality product is one that can improve the lives of children

In the beginning, we developed a unique twin-pack purchasing system that is useful for both parties.

On the one hand, these are brands that naturally need sales. Our programme helps responsible retail chains to sell their products and in the provision of their high quality services not only in the current and well-functioning market, but also in markets that may be destroyed today, but are still promising in the future.

On the other hand, they are small addressees. Children who deserve a chance at a better life. In the first phase, we focus on providing the most basic needs such as food and shelter. In the second phase, the plan is to invest in their education. However, what they lack most, apart from medical and material assistance, is our love.

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We address areas that others do not want to address

Mitigating the negative impact on children and residents of war zones is our main objective.
Each timely delivered nutritional dose can do a lot - save a life. An important part of our aid is therefore for those for whom food, basic clothing and shelter are inaccessible.
Education means a light at the end of the tunnel for children. In war-affected areas, it fulfils an important socialising function in addition to education.
Many conflicts are not seen because they take place on the soul. Showing children that someone is thinking of them in other parts of the world is above all money.

Why support BlueAvian



We are helping to rebuild the logistical infrastructure to provide basic food, shelter and education for children in war-affected areas.

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and efficiency

We build ingenious shopping gates through which goods essential for the life and safety of children in asylum camps pass.

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of purchasing and logistics

The purchase itself is just the beginning. Much more complex is managing the logistics of shipping materials to very hard-to-reach zones around the world.

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and unified goals

In today's polarized world, we are united by a noble goal. To enable suffering children to integrate into normal life in the shortest possible time.

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Thank you all, 
who stand by ussymbol